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Light-bulbCurrent Captain's Challenge

by Meg Stone - Sep 20, 2017 Star_s653 views

Current Captian's Challenge 09/20 - 09/23/2017 Chapter 89 Sc. 5 Beer Garden

[size= 11.36px][/size]

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12-em-plus add reply

Ok, I will add as reply to Ms. Tearius' CURRENT CAPTAINS CHALLENGE. I didn't know what to do when I would look for the cheats when it changed and was trying to do my best to write it up - still learning my way around this forum. Thanks for letting me know Polly Marie!


If Ms. Tearius hasn't updated her "CURRENT CAPTAIN'S CHALLENGE" (all caps)
... with the latest information, she (and we) would welcome your adding it as a Reply there. That keeps the information in one place and easier for everyone to find. :)

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