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Light-bulbHow to get collections

by Virginia Burns - Oct 02, 2017 Star_s314 views

I love playing the game. However, I don't understand collections. Can anyone help? Thanks

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Updated 2/6/16 
Edwin's Collections appears first, followed by Vincent's collection later, and most recently Iris' Collection. Click on their faces to flip between the three collections. All have 5 rows of prizes (coins, energy, cash, etc). The 4 columns on the left (green background) can be collected by requesting for a delivery (one only per 23 hours) or by playing scenes (when you earn the blue chests). You need to collect a number of them, as indicated on the picture. The item will change to a yellow background once you have enough of that one. The 2 columns on the right (blue background) can be collected by asking friends to send them or by delivery request. You can select friends to send you up to 3 different gifts daily. Be sure to unselect some friends so that they can send you a different gift. Once you have collected all the items in a row, you can exchange them for the prize indicated on the far right. The number of prizes you claim (up to 3 each) go toward the main statue on the top right. You can continue to claim the prizes beyond the 3, but they won't count toward the statue.

There are 6 main statues to collect from Edwin and Vincent: 3 monkeys, a falcon, Anubis (dog), a cow. In addition, one of Vincent's prizes is a cat statue, which you can continue to claim. When you have earned the statues, look for them in the shop under "Special Decoration" (the gift box icon). The statues are worth 35 prestige flowers when you place them on your island and occupies 1 space each, except for the dog Anubis (70 prestige and occupies 4 spaces) and the cow (100 prestige and occupies 4 spaces).

Iris' 1st main prize (out of 3) is a lawn decor containing Beagles. 
2nd prize is a lawn decor with German Shepherds. 
3rd prize is a lawn decor with Labradors. 
She also has a recurrent prize of Shiba Inu dogs. All dogs are worth 35 prestige each and occupy 1 space.

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