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Light-bulbFifa 18 coins generator générateur 2017. Unlimited hack FUT

by BUSAM E-COMMERCE - Oct 28, 2017 Star_s72 views

FIFA 18 just showed up at EA Play 2017, but we were able to attend the game presentation at the end of May to find out all the new features that would bring this new installment of an eternal futuristic saga. After a new success of sales of the previous delivery, with this FIFA touch changes; However, it is the second game with a new graphics engine and, as tradition says, it is now when we really will see the intention of EA Sports at this stage of the saga. The company has talked about four fundamental pillars on which FIFA 18 is based, so let's review them.

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The first is the Frostbite engine itself, which has been working for a whole year to allow the game to look and feel better than ever. The transition between engines is always a difficult step for programmers; Therefore, in what the people of EA Sports calls "year two" can dedicate themselves to polishing all the aspects that concern the visual section. Apart from seeing it in the images, they showed in the presentation, during our own test of the game we could see how everything reaches new levels of realism. There are already two consoles that will be able to move it to 4K, FIFA 18 Hacks Coin Generator and it shows that the studio has wanted to live up to. Textures, filters, lighting effects, etc., combine to make each frame a visual marvel.

The second point is the one that will most impact when it comes to playing, Brawl Stars Cheat 2017 hack especially the fans of the saga. The animation system, which directly affects the control system, has evolved exaggeratedly. On the one hand, it has been sought that the game has a greater degree of reaction, that every time we start to run or start a dribble the player responds as soon as possible. On the other, there was the talk of the importance of the naturalness of the movements, especially for the new ones in the saga. If we have a series of movements in mind, the studio wants us to be able to realize them without having to fight with control. For a third, it has been explored how to get the players to transmit with their animation the sensation of explosiveness; That when we ask them to do something, their bodies accuse it unreservedly. To this is added the personality: he does not run in the same way a Marcelo as a Benzema. That is why new catches have been made that reflect the particularities of the main players and each type of player, in general.

Obviously, you can not capture all players available in the game, but that's where the new scheme of animations by archetypes, which defines the type of movement according to the physical of each person, depending on whether they are low, tall, Thin, etc. The idea behind this implementation is that we can recognize the players without being aware of the signs or numbers on the shirt, Shadow Fight 3 Gems and Coins Hack on the one hand, and on the other, that there is variety in the field beyond the visual. In addition, the animation system now works according to the frames, not according to each step of the animation. That is, now we do not depend on the end of each animation to move to the next, no longer wait until the end of the whole step to change direction, for example,

By making this essential change in the animation system, it is also possible that the dances change radically. This time the system has a much faster response, so if we are running in a straight line and we make a change towards one of the sides, the player will look for an animation that allows him to cut and perform the action that we ask as soon as possible. Another new detail is the deceleration of the ball when crossing the lawn. In FIFA 18 is more noticeable friction affecting the ball, so players have to kick it more often. It is a more intimate and realistic relationship between the two entities that brings another layer of realism to the cake.

Another new feature affects team tactics and how players behave that we do not control. On this occasion, the system of the positioning of the game has been rewritten so that teammates support us better, looking for safe positions to enable useful passes while maintaining possession. There will always be someone running on a diagonal, clearing, advancing to prepare an attack, etc., and this time we will look for a greater use of the field space to better visualize large-scale movements. In addition, the changes in AI will be very well reflected in the way teams play in career mode with changes in game pace and different tactics typical of each team. By last,

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FIFA 18 will allow the staging of dramatic moments. That's what EA Sports calls those memorable goals, those movie centers, filtered passes or volleys; That kind of record-worthy events that were not so viable in the previous installment. To this is added the regionalization and improvement of the stadiums to recreate more energetic and exclusive atmospheres. On the one hand, the lighting has been worked to adapt to the particularities of each stage, and on the other, the presence and variety of the public have also been improved, both with regard to their reactions during the party and how Acts according to the team they support.

Last but not least, there was the talk of The Journey, career mode, campaign, solo, or whatever you want to call it. It is a part of the game that, they said, came to play in 13 million homes in FIFA 17. On this occasion, we will put on the shoes of Alex Hunter to continue discovering the world of football through an attractive narrative rich in details, scripts and many actions linked to the sport. It seems that the race will run over six chapters, and each of them will propose a series of goals that we must take into account to complete the experience favorably. On the other hand, this time, although Hunter's face will remain the same, We can customize their appearance and clothing so that we feel more hours than before. In addition, we will see football personalities on our journey to stardom, we will make decisions that will define our path, we will play around the world and we will also control some special characters.

FIFA 18 is the true change that deserved the saga since the arrival of Frostbite. The list of changes is wide, but they all follow a common idea and is to make the gaming experience the most realistic, adaptable and spectacular to date. Best of all, this time all content will be available equally for all platforms. Yes, we are talking about the legends of Ultimate Team, who finally leave Microsoft platforms to engage PC, PS4 and PS4 Pro players.

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