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Light-bulbThe knock sound

by Meg Stone - Dec 04, 2017 Star_s186 views

Does anyone know what that knocking sound is that happens sometimes when you are playing? I often hear a knocking like someone knocking on a door. I am just curious as to what this is or if it's supposed to mean something.

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12-em-plus add reply

I'll have to keep my ears open.  As for JJ, it's still there and growing daily. Find it at the site (not


Hello Ms. Terious. I have always heard the "knock" in Perils Peril and just thought of asking now. I was wondering if maybe it was "knock" when someone sent you mail in the way of energy, tickets or request. Anyway, speaking of June's Journey, what happened to the gamer's unite cheat for JJ? I hadn't used it in awhile and looked for it the other day - couldn't find it.


I haven't heard of a knocking sound in Pearl's Peril. However, I've noticed they've recently added a knocking sound in June's Journey when you score higher than your previous score.

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