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Light-bulbFarmVille missing asking for more information.....customer service live chat.....migraine

by Lori Alliani - Jul 02, 2010 Star_s338 views

Zynga has a blurb on FV that says they know about the missing animals and are working on the issue.  No problem.
I had several Silver Ponies vanish, though, and thought if I purchased more (in order to have them in case they're off the market by the time Zynga gets things fixed) that I might be causing confusion, so I sent an email asking what the best course of action would be.  I immediately got the usual, "We're working hard to keep you happy..." canned response, but later (yet still fairly quickly, IMO) got another, more personal sounding response asking to reply with more details, those needed were to be listed below.  There was nothing below.
I zipped off another response explaining I'd be happy to provide details -- what do you want?  I have gotten nothing in return since then.
So I got them on live chat this morning with Zynga Customer Service (ZCS) and I think I may have figured out the problem.  I thought maybe they were a bunch of middle school kids running the show, but I think my middle school kid and her friends would probably be able to run things more smoothly, they must be elementary kids.
Here's a transcript of the discussion for anyone who wants a bit of insight as to just how... knowledable and caring ZCS is.  And to share the migraine with whomever may also be banging their head on the desk by the time they reach the end.
Mind you, I know I type fast (and a lot), but there were   L   O   N   G   pauses between my entries, the "status" at the top changing from (Listening) to (Responding) when she'd finally start typing, and then she obviously typed really slowly and sporadically.
Lizette M.: Hi, my name is Lizette M.. How may I help you?
Lori Alliani: That was quick!  :)  I sent an email regarding some missing animals in FarmVille (I believe they're limited time so if I were to replace them it'd have to be soon).  I received and email back asking for "more information" and to "see below" for the details required, but there was nothing indicating what more information they wanted.
Lori Alliani: I sent a reply yesterday morning asking which details they wanted but I haven't heard back at all, not even a "we received it and will read it when we can..." kind of canned message.
Lizette M.: Where this animals in there Barns?
Lori Alliani: They were in the stable, yes.
Lizette M.: This is a known issue that our developers are working hard to fix.
Lori Alliani: ... That's nice.  Did you read the question?  Zynga wants "more information."  What information do you want?
Lori Alliani: I can be patient.  I can work with you.  I can give you the info you want - if I know what info you want.
Lizette M.: I am unsure of what information it is asking for. Is that all it says?
Lori Alliani: Yes.  Hence my confusion and frustration.
Lizette M.: One moment please
Lori Alliani: Thank you.
Lizette M.: When was this end to you?
Lizette M.: send*
Lori Alliani: Yesterday morning they asked for more details.  I replied asking which details they wanted and don't know if that message even went through.
Lizette M.: I will look over the email you send and see what information it is asking for if you just give me a moment.
Lori Alliani: Thank you.
Lizette M.: no thank you for your patience.
Lizette M.: please still hold.
Lori Alliani: No problem.
Lizette M.: Thank You
Lizette M.: Do you have the Ticket Reference #
Lori Alliani: [Incident: xxxxx] Reply from Zynga Customer Support
Lizette M.: Thank You
Lizette M.: There is no where in this ticket asking for more information.
Lori Alliani: Text copied from that email:
Lori Alliani: -----
Recently you requested Zynga support. Below is a summary of your request and
our response.
We're working on researching the answer. Our goal is to get you back to enjoying the game, but we need more information from you to resolve your support request. Please see below for the details of what we need and reply to this message with your updated information.
Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.
Lizette M.: The issue you are having is that you are losing pony from your Stable. Correct?
Lori Alliani: Yes.  The ponies you can only buy with the iPhone.
Lizette M.: This is a known issue and your developers are trying to fix it.
Lori Alliani: Yes.
Lori Alliani: This I know.
Lori Alliani: Zynga wants more information.
Lori Alliani: What information am I to give?
Lori Alliani: The issue isn't that I'm missing items.  The issue is that I've been requested to provide further details.  I'm trying to do so.
Lizette M.: I do not know why it is asking for more information is there is not else we can do than just wait for the issue to be resolved.
Lori Alliani: So, when the issue is resolved and my items are not restored because I didn't follow instructions and provide further details.  What then?
Lori Alliani: If you don't know, please find someone who does.
Lizette M.: One moment please.
Lizette M.: I am sorry but that was an auto response. Making sure we didn't miss anything. But we not not need any more information.
Lori Alliani: Right.
Lori Alliani: Ok.  Let me ask you this since I have you online.
Lori Alliani: How does Zynga know who  is missing what?
Lizette M.: For the most part the animals automatically to back to your farm .If you fee that you are missing animals once the issue is fixed please fell free to send in an email.
Lori Alliani: That's not quite what I asked, though.  Without me telling them exactly what was purchased when, how do they know what to return to whom?
Lizette M.: Like I said it automatically  gets sends back to you. If they are still missing then that when I try to help and replace what you did not receive.
Lori Alliani: I know that it does (or should) but that is not what I'm asking.  But like *I* said, how do they know what's missing?
Lizette M.: We are unable to disclose how this works.
Lori Alliani: I see.  I'm just trying to verify that in the future I don't get some excuse that *I* don't have any proof and, therefore, am just out of luck.
Lori Alliani: I appreciate your time, you've been patient, polite and helpful.  But I do have to say that I'm quite disappointed in Zynga's system, as a whole.
Lizette M.: I am terribly sorry you feel that way, and that I couldn't be much more of a help.
Lori Alliani: I understand your limitations.  Thank you, again.  Have a good day.
So... now you know.  And when you figure it out, please explain it to me.

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12-em-plus add reply

Geez. We need a Snag Screen. Every hour or so take a screenshot. Any way to log what's in storage and stables?? I don't mind buggy games that are free, as long as I know they're buggy and not to put any real time or effort into them!

That's why I was asking her how they know who's missing what. I didn't take any screenshots of those ponies. As far as anyone else is concerned I could be making the whole thing up. But you know they have logs, otherwise every morning we'd wake up to big, empty, fallow fields. And how do they catch cheaters if they're so blind and ignorant?


It does not matter how you edit it or lay it out...anything related to zynga reads as something beyond dumb...HAHAA I had a similar problem with their street racing game...I purchased a car with my bonus pts and did not get the car.....So I talked to them and like you just went through, WE NEED MORE INFORMATION......I was like what? We mailed back and forth about 20 times and none of those mails covered what extra info they were looking for...LOL After 2 months of daily mailings they begrudgingly gave me the car...They told me they had no proof that i Bought it nor could tell that I bought it to begin with and said this was the only time they were going to help me with a missing item. We need to somehow form some kind of dangers of zynga group or something and let all these so called addicts and people who feed these people all their money know whats up and what to expect from a so called beta company...LOL


You know... I have tried to edit this dang thing umpteen times and it's either all squished together or contains al kinds of html tags... I guess I'll have to settle for squished. My apologies. Nothing computer related wants to be nice to me today. :p

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