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Light-bulbWhat celebrities give out pink cards?

by Jessica Brandenburg - Mar 04, 2018 Star_s422 views

I haven't gotten a single pink card and I'm a level 26. I've invited 4 celebrities thus far. Do any of them give out pink cards or how in the world (land) am I supposed to build this soup machine?

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I'm on level 28 and have never received a pink card. I visit almost 50 people everyday and invite celebrities non stop. Still no pink vouchers. Very frustrating.


you can try visiting your friends, i did get all kinds of card except expansion card. more friends ,more gifts,coins and cash.


This isn't a help, but I am literally having the exact same problem. I need three pink vouchers for this soup machine and I have everything else. I'm even on level 26! Did you ever figure it out? I saw that this was a month ago

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