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Light-bulbCargo Crew: Port Truck Driver unlimited coins hack tool download Android iOS

by george tankkud - Apr 05, 2018 Star_s63 views

Generate unlimited coins for Cargo Crew: Port Truck Driver with the help of this awesome hack tool. It comes with a sophisticated anti-ban system that makes it completely undetectable as well as with an auto-update feature. You don't need a rooted or jailbroken device to use it. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE CHEAT TOOL BY CLICKING HERE

Welcome to a busy port, where multiple ships are loaded and unloaded each day. It wouldn't be possible if it weren't for its highly trained, efficient crew. You are now a part of it. In this line of work you will explore the port area, enter ships berthed there, move around cargo and try to do everything as quickly as possible.

The game features a realistic port environment, where you are one of the workers. You will have to look out for traffic, watch out for cranes and other port equipment. You will drive a selection of different cars, including a forklift, a pickup truck, a trailer truck and even a police car.

Choose one of the available cars, suited to completing different missions. They come in different shapes, sizes and utilities. Learn to drive them all!

You will complete your task in and around an authentically looking port. Explore its nooks and crannies, drive around warehouses and parking lots, enter ships when necessary.

Each vehicle has its own unique tasks to complete. As you come to grips with controlling them, you will be able to achieve everything that is required of you.

The Main Game Mode is 100% FREE to play, all the way through, no strings attached! Extra Game Modes which alter the rules slightly to make the game easier are available through optional In-App Purchases. Each mode has separate leaderboards to make for totally fair competition!

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