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Light-bulbPlease Read Im here to help

by Jessie Moore - Apr 07, 2018 Star_s297 views

I have been testing this free sweeps promo links because at first I started just like you wanting free chumba money I couldnt understand how to get it.. I learned by trial and error I would like to help all of you beautiful people so that you are not taken advantage of.. There are lots of scammers out there that will try to get you to click on their link so that they get credits on one of the scammer links that they are on .. By clicking on their link they get points that they can convert to cash.. Or so they they think becasue they too are being taken advantage of by that website for examole do not click on the links that start with payz and xutmoney and there are a few more those are completly fake and will get you no where!!!! also the games hacker will get you no where there are a few links that say $1 for $10 etc those actually work.. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me like I said there are a few legit peps out there thank you legit down gamers good luck and all my love to you!!

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