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Light-bulbSword Of Justice unlimited diamonds hack tool download Android iOS

by tony sanppeze - Jun 08, 2018 Star_s21 views

This easy to use hack tool allows you to generate unlimited diamonds for Sword Of Justice. The tool features a complex anti-ban system that makes it completely undetectable as well an auto-update feature in order to ensure full compatibility with the latest versions of the game. You won't need a rooted or jailbroken device to use it. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE CHEAT TOOL BY CLICKING HERE

Enhance your troop and GO!

====Game Features====
【One finger ARPG】
Unlike other ARPG, 《Sword Of Justice》 unique control allows you to battle with just one hand. You can swap the screen to move speedily, tap the screen to fight and trigger the skill to unleash your EX-moves!

【Troop Cuties】
What's best to bring along for your journey to defeat the Demon King, a cute loli, a cool kuudere, or an innocent and pure girl.

Tons of customization in the game, from character fashion to mount. All heroes and mounts will also change appearance when you enhance!

【Play mode】
Aside from the main quests and side-quests, 《Sword Of Justice》 also include other play modes such as Gold Rush,
Monster Forest, Jewels Mining, Treasure Cove and World Boss!

Just spend a little bit of time to complete the mission and you will be rewarded. Many daily missions to complete! With greater rewards come greater power!

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