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Question-whiteBlack Stallion and Black Stallion foal a thing of the past

by Ally Bernard - Jul 03, 2010 Star_s873 views

I just got wind of Zygna doing away with the black stallion and black stallion foal and replacing them with a black horse and black foal is this true and why are they taking our studs away. I heard it was a glitch that the stallion was released in the market and that they are giving ppl. there money back and replacing them with regular black horses. Please tell me it aint so.

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12-em-plus add reply

I heard on the podcast last night that the black stallion will be in the mystery animal box next week. I wonder if the other black stallions and foals will sire when the release happens?


Yes, it was a glitch - but after hundredthousands of users are collecting the Black Stallions and their foals i think they will fear the anger of these people :-). Rather they should make the Stallion a "real" Stallion like the white one. Then people will delete them themselves perhaps cuz you need only one of em to breed.


I just got my first bsf today but from what i gather you cant do much with em anyway bc you need the white stallion?

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