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Light-bulbReloading Zooworld Animals for adoption

by Anjie Williams Lucas - Apr 13, 2010 Star_s2,352 views

there are several people who have all the new zooworld animals and continuously send them out for adoption; anybody know how they are doing it?

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12-em-plus add reply

I've never tried, but here are the instructions:

**Go to your FB home page.

** Find an animal that has been posted within the hour.

**Hold down your cntrl key and click on save the animal about 20 times, depending on the strength of your computer. New tabs will open.

**Change the time on your computer to 2 days ahead.

**Click Ignore on the whale, he gets confused in the future.

**Wait about 30 seconds, your pop ups should start. If they do not you will need to change the date to another day forward on your computer.

**Close out all of the tabs of the animals that you do not want to post, keep the tabs open of the ones that you do.

**Go back to the original animal that you adopted from and open new tabs off of this animal.

**change your date again to the next day

**Then again close the animals that you don't want and keep the ones that you do.

**I keep one tab of all new feed animals open all day and every time I want to post, I just change the date forward a day on my computer. The same animal will pop every time.


I have been told that it is a glitch in the zoo world game. I am seeing more people on my feed doing it, but I don't know what the glitch is or how to do it. I was wondering myself.

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