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Light-bulbNew Idle Apocalypse Cheat and Hack for unlimited Gems, Money and Resources [FREE]

by Frank Moynihan - Dec 02, 2018 Star_s145 views - Get Idle Apocalypse Cheats for free here!

The best Idle Apocalypse Cheat is available on our site! Hurry up and try it now. You won't regret it since you will be able to get unlimited resources in Idle Apocalypse for free. There is no need to spend money on it anymore. Our Idle Apocalypse Cheat has it all. Simply open it in your browser, enter amount of resources that you would like to add and you will have it added to your account in just a few seconds. Features of our Idle Apocalypse Cheat are: free Gems, unlimited Money, unlimited resources and many, many more! We are sure you will enjoy using it!

In Idle Apocalypse keep in mind that you can produce only one resource item at a time on a floor. Tap the pause button to stop, tap the play button to start. Depending on the resources requirement, you will pause and start. Tap the item to know its source of production. Build more floors to progress. On some floors such as Library, archives, Dark Altar, you can activate boosters. For example; At the dark altar, you can unlock and upgrade passive buffs for the Idols. In Library, you can activate boosters to improve the production speed, item drop rate, damage power of creatures, and more. On the main screen of the game, at the top-left corner, tap the battle button to visit the battle screen. By defeating the enemies or monsters or monster champions, you can obtain valuable items(Coin, crown, Goblet, necklace, and more), required in the building, researching, and upgrading. Head to the Generator I floor and charge it to increase the creature spawn time. Upgrade the floors to unlock more creatures, plant creatures, undead, and more.

You will unlock more generators as you build more floors or progress. For example; Generator I increases the creature spawn time. Generator II increases dark energy drop rate. And Generator III boosts the production of resources; Mine, Arbitrarium, and more. To keep them in running state, you will have to tap on them (to charge). Do it often. First, you need to build the Idol Portal. Summon the Idol. Once summoned, go to the 0 Number floor. Tap the start Apocalypse button and tap the blast button. Tap more and more to damage more. Prior to it, you can check how many souls you will get after the apocalypse. After Apocalypse, you will start the game from scratch. You will lose all the floors, items except diamonds, wheel token, souls, and permanent upgrades.

Head to the 0 number floor again and tap the button; spend souls. You can spend souls on buying temporary upgrades as well as permanent upgrades. After tapping the button, on the next screen, you will see the relics(permanent items), rooms, creature skins. Purchase the required item or unlock the room(permanently) using souls. You can also spend the souls in buying chants. Head to the first tab on the same screen by tapping the chant button. There you can buy temporary boosters(not recommended). Idols help you in earning souls(when you start the apocalypse). Depending on the damage(in the apocalypse), you earn souls. You can increase the damage power of Idols on their floors, using the resources. And by researching!

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