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Light-bulbWeekly prise reward

by Art Handayani - Feb 27, 2019 Star_s110 views

Is there also a benefit to win to gain the most points in the weekly prise.

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If you mean the Adventure Club Quest, beginning each Sunday --
There is no extra benefit to having the most points ... either between different teams or among the members of a team. It is purely a team effort to reach as many of the rewards as you can ... 5, 10 and 15 minutes of unlimited energy, and the special decoration item.


If you mean the Captain's Challenge, which takes place twice a week, you can get prizes for the top 15 scores on the leaderboard.  You compete with your friends and a few PP characters, which means if you don't have many friends who play PP, your chance are better to get higher rewards.

First prize = 5 PP cash, 5 energy, and 5 tickets

Second prize = 5 energy and 5 tickets

Third prize = 5 tickets

Fourth to fifteenth places = 2 tickets each

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