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Light-bulbHidden objects are Arabic??

by Mary Barr - Jun 08, 2019 Star_s97 views

Suddenly the labels in the hidden object scenes seem to be written in arabic. Why??

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Cafe (Ch. 80, Sc. 3) fixed on 7/7/19. Thanks for the heads up.



This has happened again (most of the tags changed to be only in Georgian language, called Kartuli in their tongue: written ქართული), to the current Captain's Challenge: Ch. 80, Sc. 3(?), called "Café":


OK, now that people are aware we can all help by re-tagging scenes we are playing back into English and French.


I've fixed Chapter 50, Scene 4 (Stari Most) and Chapter 90, Scene 2 (Wedding Buffet). Thank you Polly Marie and Susan for your vigilance and notification. If you have a chance, check over the tags to make sure they are tagged/spelled correctly. Thank you.


Hi! Chapter 50 Scene 4 Stari Most is now all Arabic. I just finished it and wrote down all the tags in English so i could go in and tag everything if you want. I use this site extensively and really count on it as a solo player. (not on Facebook). This is where I get my questions answered and find help.

I can put the list of items in here if that helps?



Someone erased most of the existing item names from the tags for Chapter 90, Scene 2: "Wedding Buffet" -- which was the Captain's Challenge at that time -- and replaced them with translations into the Georgian language (called Kartuli in their tongue: written ქართული).

First, please don't erase existing item names from tags which show text which is actually used in the game -- which of course requires that they are in one of the 15 languages in which the Pearl's Peril is actually played!

So ... second, note that Georgian (Kartuli or ქართული) is not even a Facebook language, much less available to play inside Pearl's Peril.

Practically speaking, it gets unwieldy to include more than 3 languages (or possibly 4, on occasion). I wish there could be more than one copy of each scene so that item names in more of those 15 languages could be included on this help site!

(Note that Arabic, which Mary Barr asked about in her post at the top of this page, is also a language which is NOT currently available to play inside Pearl's Peril.)

Ms. Tearius: Thank you for the item names which you are fixing!

Chapter 90, Scene 2: "Wedding Buffet"


Please let me know which scene(s) are affected so I can fix it. I fixed one that I found last week. 


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