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by trira gohst - Jun 19, 2019 Star_s6 views Hack has a very long history in domestic single aircraft, which is considered the most mainstream RPG mode. However, with the rapid development of game technology, today, this slow-paced combat mode is out of step with the times. There are almost no round-based RPG masterpieces in the world, and even domestic online games seldom use round-based combat. This super-unreal combat system created by technical restrictions in that year was quickly eliminated several years ago and reduced to some small choices. However, in the domestic single aircraft market in recent years, turn-based combat is still playing a strong role.


In fact, I would like to say that the game is the original sin rather than the original sin of the domestic single aircraft in recent years. The backward combat system represented by the round system can carry too low the game. For many players, compared with the unsightly picture, the most unbearable thing is the battle that lasts for 20 years, so boring that people can not sleep well.
Faced with more and more intense complaints, we can see that many manufacturers have made efforts, such as "Ancient Sword Qitan 2", "Wind and Drop Clouds", "New Swordsman Legend", "Xuanyuan Sword Legend" and so on, to turn the battle into a real-time or semi-real-time system. Unfortunately, the ultimate effect is mostly tragic... Well, after all, no one can eat fat in one breath. There will always be pains in the transition period, but it is better to encourage them than to stick to the rounds.
Judging from the dismal achievements of domestic single aircraft in the real-time combat transformation in recent years, we can deeply feel that Chinese manufacturers are not satisfied with their technical ability, and in the case of such limited resources, domestic single aircraft will allocate more resources to picture upgrading. Although the actual picture level is still not up to standard, it has indeed reached the limit that domestic manufacturers can control, resulting in gameplay. There is little room for improvement in innovation and optimization.

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