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Question-whiteWhy does Pet Rescue keep crashing on Facebook?

by Angela Huber - Aug 07, 2019 Star_s38 views

Why does Pet Rescue keep crashing on Facebook?

EVERY time I play (pretty much everyday) the game is fine. But when I play for half of an hour (1/2 hr. ) or the longest lately 1 & 1/2 hrs. the game goes to the orange screen with the puppy that says "There's blah blah issue or connectin lost " I have no problem with any other Facebook games. I don't have any problems at all with ANY of their other F.B. games by King.com LTD.

Then Last week after the game loaded[size= 11.36px] there was a pop up message saying "Make sure to keep P.R. updated to make sure you're not missing any newer levels you might not have yet" (That isn't word for word but that's the gist of it). There wasn't anything else like where or how to update it especially on the F[/size][size= 11.36px]acebook version / app. The message was only on the screen for a second or two until the daily gift pop up came on the screen and closed it. Any ideas? Any suggestions Anything would be helpful & appreciated. [/size]
Thanks so much,

[size= 11.36px]P.S. Level 2202[/size]

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