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Question-whitedo white stallion foals grow into white stallion horses that can breed ???

by Teena Woolley - Jul 06, 2010 Star_s3,009 views

and can you trade or swap a full grown white stallion or do you think i am being scammed ??

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"a stallion is a male horse and foal is a female." WRONG. A foal is a baby horse of either sex.

A COLT is a male foal and a filly is a female foal (or a female that of any age that has never had a foal)

A stallion is a mature male, a mare is a mature female that has produced a foal. A gelding is a male without his jewels. LOL.


a stallion is a male horse and foal is a female. I wouldn't trade anything for any reason due to the large amount of scams ...which is so silly being this is a game but I guess it takes all kinds... Look on Farmvilles latest and you will find a breeding sheet that will tell you what your horses will breed by placing what horses with others... The miniature stallion and minature foal goes into the horse stables....and they do produce offspring for you to put into your nursery....then they grow up into horses which go back into your stable...hope that helps...


You are definetly being scammed sweetie..srry.Be very careful of this...there are alot of scammers out there and there is nothing you can do about it once they do scam u.


You are being scammed. The white foals grow into black horses.

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