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Question-whitezoomates, need good zoomates that is playing and sending gifts every day. i am in level 49, so please add me.

by Ingvild Torp - Jul 06, 2010 Star_s148 views

need good zoomates that play and giving back gifts every day, so please add me?

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12-em-plus add reply

I am a daily player also but it says to go to the add me page not here that is where I have got a lot of players that also play daily or where you put your name in say you want all daily players


I am a daily player lever 70+ you can send invite


I play every day too so you can add me if you'd like.


I cant add...I am a daily players and I do gift. Please add me


I play all day, everyday. And gift in any way I can find. I also run my fiance's game during the day. His name is Red and is on my friend's list. If you would like to add the both of us. He accepts his own gifts and everything I just keep it going during the day. We are extremely addicted to this game!!


I have 45 Zoo neighbors but only 8 are Zoo Mates. I really need someone how plays this game. Please add me. I visit almost everyday and I DO gift.


you can add me if you want :)

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