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Question-whitefoals in the nursery barn

by Eva M Schnug - Jul 07, 2010 Star_s642 views

Firsteval... don't laugh too much ;-) Here in Germany we don't have so many rare foals. So in the 6 months I'm now playing I only got three foals that are rare TO ME: a cream draft, a percheron and a mustang foal.What is getting out of them by storing into the nursery barn? I didn't stored them yet because I'm afraid to get out for example... just a simple black horse.

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12-em-plus add reply

i can get you rare foals!


must be nice! my foals and calves wont grow up, not one single adult. I get foals occasionally from my stable and only one dairy barn seems to produce an occasional calf.


When an animal matures, it is meant to leave the Nursery barn, and then you get an adult horse in your giftbox, and a baby animal of the same to share. Then you put another baby animal in the nursery barn to keep it full. Hopefully that helps.


i dont get how when i produce something i dont get the grown up and nothing changes. my foal or calf dosent leave the nursery. ud think wen they mature theyd be gone.


I think the mustang foal does not grow up at all. When you look inside the nursery barn and hover your mouse pointer over the animals, it tells you what adult animal the foal or calf will grow up to... and in the case of mustang foals, the popup simply says "produces" with no adult animal's name following.


It varies for me what my barn produces. I have had green calves produce chocolate cows and such.


the cream draft and percheron turn into cream draft adults...not sure about the mustang though....I hate it too btw it irks me when i get something simple out of something rare.

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