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Light-bulbStimulus Care Packages...ONE TIME ONLY!

by Viet Tran - Apr 16, 2010 Star_s4,217 views

It's come to this... a single post about informing everyone that you can only claim this thing ONE TIME and NEVER again. Do not expect you will be able to get one every day because that's not the case Once you accept a package you simply CAN NOT accept anymore waiting for you on your Facebook feed.

I had to make this because so many people were asking in comment replies about it throughout this site ,it got ridiculous. PEOPLE NEED TO READ CAREFULLY ALSO BECAUSE IN MANY CASES THE AUTHOR OF SAID POSTS DID SAY ONCE ONLY.

This "care package" was intended only for players who have not played in over 7 days and have their email shared with Farmville. AN email was sent out to these absent players telling them they would get this package if they logged back in and played. Apparently game play has slacked off and they want to entice players back?

March 17 UPDATE: Zynga now decides EVERYONE is entitled to a free package. More info

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12-em-plus add reply

Exactly, BE grateful for what they did give you. I mean you got 3 FV cash, that's unheard of before all this started happening with the care packages. They wanted absent players to come back by enticing them with this care package.I don't know why so many people are complaining they can't get more than one. It's never enough is it? The way I see it is I bet 95% of all the people complaining about not get more than one don't even deserve to get one in the first place because the package is intended for people who haven't logged into the game for 7 or more days to play.Take that into perspective and be happy that you came out with something when you had nothing.


I'm grateful I can get it once. Some people feel they are entitled to get it every day no matter what you say. I hope people can understand it's not in Zynga's interest to give away free cash every day or convert FV coins to cash. It's their business model to ask players to pay for FV cash.

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