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Question-whitePlains (Second City)

by Alex Webb - Apr 17, 2010 Star_s3,106 views

What is the difference between conquering a level 1 plain and building a second city opposed to a level 10 plain?

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12-em-plus add reply

there is currently no difference, but there's a clue that there might be a difference in the future; Look in your castle and see there's a "providence bonus" given of 100.
Right now the game is in beta, and there's no telling what they have in mind or are working on for the final release of the game. The level of the plain should relate to the providence bonus but as yet this is not implemented. Same with knight loyalty, it's another dead feature that does nothing.

These dead ends to me indicate that there's more to be implemented before it's use is official.


I don't think it matters but some claim if you do it on a lvl 10 once your castle reaches 9 it will turn white but that is not true it takes a DI to make it white and lvl 10

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