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Light-bulbUPDATE:Care Package/Stimulus Package/Bonus Package

by Viet Tran - Apr 17, 2010 Star_s24,320 views

Apparently Zynga now decides EVERYONE can get a package. This package had at least 3 different names!

The following was posted on March 15,2010 on Zynga forums:
" FarmVille Care Package:

If you have not visited FarmVille for 7 days and have allowed us access to a valid email account, make sure to check your email for a special surprise from the FarmVille Team!"
Source Link(scroll to the bottom of the post):

The following night March 16,they post this:

"The FarmVille team has been working hard with our platform partners to resolve some of the technical issues you may have been experiencing. We have made some great improvements to FarmVille and we will continue working hard to enhance your farming experience.

As a thank you to our users for their dedication to FarmVille, we are giving out Bonus Packages to our users!

These bonus packs include some nifty items that will allow you to catch up on your farming and play with your friends.

Certain users who have provided us with a valid email address will receive an email which will allow you to claim a Bonus Pack and send one to your friends as well.

If you have not received an email or a request from your friends, never fear! Click the link below to claim a free Bonus Pack of you own!

Please Note: Currently, you can only use one Bonus Pack. If you try to claim multiple, you will be redirected straight into FarmVille. "
Source Link:


Update by Alan (3:30 PM CDT on 4/23/2010): A completely NEW Care Package has been released. Visit the New care package - 3 FV cash and other prizes thread for more information.

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i haven't even use it before and it's telling me that I did... this sucks :(


Worked for me :--D I love Gamers Unite!!!!


the package link wont work with me... is it one per IP adress?


they beed to update the reward limit


got mine thanks!!


ive gotten one before as a gift and i just got one on the links in this page..


how do you get these links to work, where do you copy and past it to?


awesome worked for me to. COOL thanks


Wait............... you can't leave me alone here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmmmmmmm........... ummmmmmmmmmmm............. I"m going on vacation at the end of next month as well. Yeah. That's it. :)


Alan- Thanks for updating my update on the care package, I completely forgot I wrote this! I need a vacation! Which btw I'm going to the beach at the end of next month for future reference. =p


Works once a week! You can use this link!


Thank u Again ,rhe work and the things that u can make with your program is Unbelievebole = Just Great !!


I think there is a glitch/bug letting people send it out to 30 friends because I think I read Zynga only wanted people to only share 1 with another friend just like the Easter Items and St Pat's items.


@ Ashley - Because if you couldn't send it to your friends, then your friends couldn't get their one Care Package. Even with all the sending to friends that has been going on, I still see posts on here from people asking how to get theirs. How upset would you have been if you found out the day after the package goes offline that you could have gotten it if only someone had sent it to you?


i liked the gesture but if your only allowed to recieve one then why give ppl the opportunity to send it to multiple ppl friends i had like 5 of them and i was truely mad i couldnt open all but one


Um. Willy? This package IS from Zynga...


thank you ,finaly sommebody care's about us Farmville players ,thank u very much Gamers Unite !!
ZYNGA DID NEVER Sommethig like this and will never do i think !!
The difference = U give us FV Cash for Free - Zynga let us Pay and Buy FV Cash whitReal Dollars / Euro's !!!
Zynga Give Us ; Issues
You give us : a top program
Thank u all verry Much Your Gamers Unite & Snag Coolchaser = Realy TOP
My respect for you all
and to All players who are Using Gamers Unite

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