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Question-whitelink to Open UNLIMITED Farmville Care Packages

by Hermawati Dwi Susari - Apr 17, 2010 Star_s10,747 views

Now you can open UNLIMITED FARMVILLE CARE PACKAGES by going here >>>LINK DELETED BY ADMIN Don't let all your rewards go to waste!

I've read my friend's post. I try to go to the link but still confuse about the steps. Is it spam or something? could anyone explaine about it? Thank you very much...

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Scam. Thread locked.


Another gimmick to get you to join other things first boooooo :-(


DO NOT GO TO THE ABOVE MENTIONED LINK - It is most likely a SCAM PAGE, as of March 17,2010 Zynga officially states you can only get ONE package, there is NO WAY to get unlimited ones legit or through glitching. If you need sources on this issue look at my post below this one.


Here we go with the rumors... Zynga OFFICIALLY stated you can only get ONE I made a post with sources and quotes here:


@ Hermawati - It's my pleasure. Maybe you should go back into your original post and delete the link so no one else will try to access it. In it's place, you can add a note saying that you have found out this is a scam and to please pass the word if they see it posted anywhere else.


@ Danita - It doesn't work because the site is a scam. It is not affiliated with FarmVille in any way. They are using everyone's desire to open all of their Care Packages to get you to sign-up for their stuff and make them money. Only after you do all that will you find out that they can't really help you open those packages after all.


doesnt let you go back after you click box#2 Doesnt work1!!


Thank you Alan... it's nice having you as neighbor.. You're a master of farmville ^_^ lol


Hermawati, the site you have linked to is a scam. DO NOT GO TO THE SITE.

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