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Light-bulbNew list for what foals turn into what horse?

by Jamie Hempler Barnes - Jul 09, 2010 Star_s4,999 views

I'm trying to find an updated list (been looking and can't find one anywhere) of what foals turn into what adult.  Do the Breton, black stallion and whatever else also turn into the same old black horse that are kinda starting to suck?

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I Speak the thoughts of many when i say Z have messed up with this although they want people to spend cash and buy these rare ponies they shouldnt be 100% unable to breed. just make them turn into there adults less than others and be a bonus suprise when they do cos thats where the excitement is with fv same with eggs holiday gifts not knowing what u gonna get and taking that element of suprise sucks hard


After putting your foal into your nursery, you can see what it will turn into if you hover over the foal icon with your mouse. The only horse colors you are able to get from foals are cream draft, black, blue pony, black pony, and cream mini. Most foals with the same model as the cream draft will turn into that breed. All blue ponies will stay blue ponies. Any other breed of pony besides blue will always be a black pony. All cream minis, including candy cane and such, will always be cream minis.


put your calf or foal into the nursery and then move your mouse over it. it will tell you what it turns into.


i think it depends on whats in the nursery. the only way to be sure what you get is to have all of the same breed of horse in the nursery.
when you have multi breeds in the nursery your; (black stallion?),
white foal, pinto, appaloosa & halfinger can turn into a black horse :(,
all pony's can turn into a blue pony :(,
Clydesdale & Percheron can turn into cream Clydesdale horses :(
Does anyone know what the breton turns into????


black stallion turns into black stallion. I had a mustang and cream foal in nursery turn into black stallion but zynga took it along with a bunch of other stuff. I wasn't cheating so it must of been a fluke on their end but didn't get reply when i asked support what was going on. no horse that u have to pay for in market will turn into the same, they want the fv$ but blue pony foal always breeds true. pinkpfoal turns into blue pony, clydefoal into cream draft, percheron (not breeding right now) turns into cream draft, most other stuff turns into black horse except white foal I don't know what they turn into

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