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Light-bulbTuesday's 4/20/10 FV UPDATE: Co-Op mission,Battle of the Barnyard, New Puppy!

by Viet Tran - Apr 20, 2010 Star_s5,354 views

On Tuesday April 20,2010 Zynga released an update which includes the following: a new Co-Op mission, the results of the Battle of the Barnyard, and a new breed of puppy!

-New Co-Op mission:Rice Paper- involves seeding ,planting and harvesting of the rice crop to make rice paper. - Love making spring rolls in real life with these!

-Battle of the Barnyard: For those of you that are asking what's this? It was a contest promotion that was being held between Sheep and Cows to see who would get the most fans. The winner would be the next animal to be sold in the market place.

And the winner is *drum roll*..... The COWS! Winning the contest with currently a little over 2.5 million fans! As of right now the special cow can be only purchased with $12 FV cash through the market place. However Zynga says if at least 3 million people sign up as fans for the cows that they will offer it for COINS! So if you haven't become a fan yet please do so!

UPDATE: 4/23 - Next Smallthings reported: "Fan Cows are now available to purchase with coins!"

To unlock this cow for purchase you need to be a fan of the cows(Note:it may take up to 24 hrs to unlock after you become a fan)

Official FV Cow Fan Page:

-The Terrier Puppy: A new breed of puppy is now available for purchase through the market place with two options:
1.) With 5,000 coins AND at least 15 neighbors
2.) $65 Farmville (FV) cash.

If you purchase the terrier with 5,000 coins it comes with a ONE day supply of food.Just like the Border Collie you need to feed it ONCE a day for 14 days until it if fully grown, failing to feed it every day during this period will result in it running away and paying FV cash to get it back from the pound! It also looks like there will be more color options for this puppy in the near future.

If you purchase the puppy with the $65 FV cash then you get a 14 day supply of kibble and it doesn't run away,

To view the Official Zynga Announcement of today's update please visit the following link


Just curious but what did everyone name their puppies? My Terrier is named "Hotdog" and my Border Collie is named "Dogmeat" after the dog character from the game Fallout 3, one of the best RPGs ever made! =D

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I paid for a Border Collie 3000.000 and it disapeared and I did not get my coins back.
i look a day ago to find how my dog got away when I did not finish taken it out i pick a color for it and made it a female and gave it a name of Honey but what happen to it?


LOL @ Akaryn's "dirtbag"


Her name is Saphira


I have dirtbag and scooby lol


Named my terrier BUNNIE


sherry for collie & terry for terrier


Named her Athena


Lizzy for the border collie, Spike for the terrier


I amcurious If there is feed back involving what can our pets do...heard cattle round up pigs chase birds? jump in lakes?


last one worked, I need a puppy


Alan- That's not right! ... Zynga is not the only one to blame too! *Grabs a Facebook dev and back hands him* Now that's how it's done.

I need to get back into playing FPS games(Call of Duty:MWF2) My friends say playing these "so called" social-networking video games have corrupted me and that I've lost touch with the real major gaming community =D lol.


my pups name is lilly lou


sounds good


Viet, how many times do I have to tell you not to let your personal feelings get in the way of moderating this............. hang on a second.............

*grabs a FarmVille Developer by the throat and starts shaking him hard* WHY ARE MY GIFTS DISAPPEARING FROM THE ZYNGA MESSAGE CENTER? HUH? ANSWER ME!

Sorry. What were we talking about?


Alan- How can you not like a post nuclear war world!? Fallout 3 is a huge immense open ended game. Everyone keeps talking about some game called "Farmville" on here doesn't anyone have an Xbox or Playstation anymore or did everyone get Red Ring Of Death and the Yellow LIght Of Death on their consoles? *semi-angry face*


@ Viet - Wait................ does the thumb pointing down mean bad?????????? *whistles innocently*

I get that with many of my posts as well. Someone on here clearly like voting down every single thread.


LOL @ Dorothy's post,


my dogs name is 'ummmm idk' lmao couldnt think of anything

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