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Light-bulbHang ups & slow performance

by Denise Lutz - Apr 20, 2010 Star_s360 views

I've had farmville snagbar installed for maybe 4 days now. LOVE it - thank you.

However for the last two days I've had extremely SLOW performance - hang ups, glitches and "not responding" errorss. All I'm running on my laptop is firefox with 3 taps open:
Gamers page

Is the "snagging" slowing down the response time enormously for anyone?
Are these unrelated?

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12-em-plus add reply

the snagbar works on google, i use it all the time


Cant be positive but my best guess is that they are rolling out so much new stuff and have so many quests running that is whats causing whoa farmer and slow running and freezing cuz mine is doing that even when I don't have the snag running. Like I said just my best guess here. But you are not alone. :(


@Anton - Try downloading Google Chrome. It's free, and for me, it seems to run faster, but your toolbar won't work on it, it will still have to use Firefox. But like Alan said, Farmville/Facebook are having issues. You could also try going to instead of going through Facebook. That seems to be working best, at least, for me. I hope this helps!


@ Denise - The Snag Bar isn't the issue. FarmVille has been set on slower-than-molasses speed for almost two days now, and Facebook is doing something to their site that is causing issues on every game on the site.

Just for the record, even though the Snag Bar says it is running, it actually only activates once every 60 seconds and then for only as long as it takes to try and snag the items from the new FV post. The Snag Bar is also susceptible to any slowdowns that FB is having because the bar looks for the "you were successful" page to know whether it was able to get the item for you or not. So the delay is really no different than if you were trying to access three snagged items at the same time while also browsing another Website.

Hope that makes sense.

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