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Light-bulbPop the Balloon game instead of mystery boxes...

by Amanda Jackson McMaster - Jul 14, 2010 Star_s1,639 views

First try I got a porcupine but on the second try I got a Black Stallion!  Yay!  :-)

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Well, I have from thiis game ORNATE COTTAGE...;/ is's a crap, hate this... i was thinking that for 100% should be mystery animal from this game.... im breeder, am collecting animals.... shit happens. Am so angry ;/;/;/;/;


The very middle blue button got me the white deer not the black stallion, they must mix them up


Yes, my stables says "Black Stallion - 2 pieces, 84 coins, harvest in 1 day". One of them is from foal, and one from the game, but what's the difference?

What I THINK is that adding black stallion into this "mystery game" is Zynga's way to "legalize" all those black stallions that already are in the market (and that are impossible to withdraw, because many people got them through nursery, completely legal)


It has the same name and everything as my other one, and I see no way to differ them now that I put them into the stables...


I got the stallion at the green baloon at the left most row. And it is exactly the same as the ones we grow from foals :)


ive tried this on 3 accts and it seems all the animals are always in the same place. so if u want just the black stallion, its the very middle blue balloon. has worked 3 times in a row for me on 3 diff accts


There isn't a button to send it to someone else. :-( The Black Stallion looks bigger than most of the other horses to me. I will play around with breeding in the next couple of days...mostly Cream Draft foals/horses is what I end up with.
I tried to put a screen shot on here but can't quite figure it out.


oh and i forgot to there an option when you buy the dart to send a dart someone?


does it look like the one that most ppl have? and have you tried breeding with it yet? Inquiring minds must know lol!!!

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