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Light-bulbNursery Barns: What foals and calfs grow into

by Leslie Laplant - Jul 15, 2010 Star_s1,158 views

You can tell what your foals and calfs will grow into simply by hovering your mouse over the animal... im sure most of you know this already but i've come across alot of people who had no idea. What i can tell you is pretty much the only thing that stays the same is the blue and cream ponies. Which is super lame if you ask mee :/

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12-em-plus add reply

Glad to hear about this, I'll be removing all my rare foals right now


i can get you a mustang foal if you'd like.


My one and only mustang foal (we don't have them usually here in Germany) grew up into a simple black horse. Because there stood nothing when I scrolled with my mouse over, I hoped it would be something special. A black horse.... very special.... Thanks to the programmers of FV! Really shiftless :-(

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