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Light-bulbGoat Barn - is this real? and should I start saving up a 10pack of basic building materials?

by Jennifer Jones - Jul 15, 2010 Star_s1,701 views

I spotted something on the face book feed-  the same one with the FAKE queen bees.
Is the Goat Barn real?
I am wondering if I should keep a 10 pack of bricks, wood, and nails on hand at all times at a cost of 30 items in my gift box so I can be ready.

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12-em-plus add reply

Good to know about the recruit friends part. Wish I had known that earlier for a FV cash scam. TY.


No, the goat barn is a scam. Anything that asks you (forces you) to invite friends is a scam. Granted, this one is a better one than most, but it is still a scam.


I think a goat or sheep barn is way overdue, but unlikely. Hope I'm wrong.
I have a stash of bricks, nails and boards in my gift box, just in case.

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