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by Sheila K - Mar 02, 2010 Star_s11,152 views

When you are starting out follow the quests ... also try to make sure that you build up your resources as quickly as you can so that you have the supplies you need to build ... especially if you don't join an alliance right away.

And make sure you accept all of your rewards for completing the quests ... there seem to be a lot of people that don't understand that and end up wondering why they aren't leveling up in the game.

Remember to scroll to the bottom of the quests and click on any with a checkmark to make sure you get them all.

The quest rewards ... and your tax rate should allow you to have more than enough gold to complete your Alchemy Lab Research projects when you get to that stage.

If you have negative gold - you need to build more cottages, upgrade those you have or possibly dismiss your knights until you can afford to pay them.

If you have negative food - then you may have to dismiss your troops until you can feed them. You don't need troops in your beginner protection period anyway.

AND the most important thing ... learn to protect yourself ....

-- build up your storehouse as soon as you can to protect your resources

-- use supply wagons and supply troops to send excess gold to a wilderness you control if you get attacked once you are out of protection to keep it safe and recall it from your rally point when the attack is over

-- and leave your troops in sanctuary during an attack until you have a large enough army to defeat whoever is attacking you

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12-em-plus add reply

I just discovered I could do research while building, this is a great way to increase things and was probably obvious to everyone else. thanks for the tip.


Ta for the tips about my troops. I was wondering how the heck to keep them from getting wiped out when people who are super high above me keep attacking me.


how do you get the 500 gems


Nice set of tips, thank you!


"Remember to scroll to the bottom of the quests and click on any with a checkmark to make sure you get them all".

Hey, this is huge and a suggestion I had not seen anywhere else. Brilliant. thanks so much for noting this

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