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Light-bulbGamers Unite! users threatened - Please Stand Up against Bullying!

by Chao Lam - Apr 22, 2010 Star_s57,681 views

Folks I hate to report this but several Gamers Unite users are being bullied in what seems like a witch hunt by a small but very vocal minority. Users are being labeled as cheaters (and worse) and threatened to be unfriended simply for using our website. In addition, these hateful messages are being wrapped up in self-righteous lies and innuendo. I want to go on record to correct the most egregious of these:

Fact: Folks, this is just a game, lighten up!

Fact: We have been accused of spreading viruses, spam and spyware. This is absolutely Not True. We detest these and would never even think of this.

Fact: We know of no one who has been banned by either Facebook or Zynga for using Gamers Unite and the Snag Bar. Such rumors are simply unfounded and meant to scare people.

Fact: Some folks are upset that we have developed the Snag Bar which helps users automatically receive Farmville items posted by friends on their feed. But Gamers Unite is a lot more than just the snag bar. Many, many users on Gamers Unite don't use the Snag Bar. To get mad with everyone on Gamers Unite, is to not do your own independent thinking and research.

As for using the Snag Bar, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I don't think I can be more eloquent than Timothy Bowen and many others on this thread:

I personally don't think there is anything wrong with using the Snag Bar. As my co-developer (who grew up in a poor country) mentioned:
This kind of accusations remind me of the remarks I heard when the first person on our street brought a washing machine to home. Some of our neighbors complained "She got to watch TV while the machine doing the work for her, but we have to do this by hand, it's so unfair." Two years later, almost every household on our street has a washing machine.

We are not charging for the Snag Bar. Everyone is free to use it. How is that unfair?

Our mission at Gamers Unite! is to help everyone help each other become better gamers and have fun at it. As Benjamin Franklin said, "We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately." I urge each and everyone of you to stand up to such bully tactics
- if you are being threatened, reply back that you shall not be bullied. Educate them by showing them this post:

- If you have lost Farmville friends (and really are such petty actions that of true friends?!), we have literally over 9,000 folks who want to play with you here:

- if you like Gamers Unite! and what we do, please give us a positive review on Facebook to overwhelm the bullies (yes, this is self-serving and completely optional :)

A debt of gratitude to Alan Attebery, Shelby Goatz, Dena Weinberg, Viet Tran, Joan Linkous Hyde, Timothy Bowen, Alejandro Velazquez, Sherri Searcy, Trisha Wilson, Roy Greene and many, many more folks for spontaneously speaking out and defending us. You make Gamers Unite a better place.

What is ironic is that all this outburst has actually increased the number Snag Bars downloaded by over 45% today! So, the bullying tactics are already backfiring. Thanks for reading and for using Gamers Unite!

Post history: This was originally a draft post and has gone through a few edits. Thanks to early folks who helped improve the post.

Update 4/25/10: For those interested in "both" sides of the issue, Jake Smith from Farmville Fanatic has a fairly neutral post about the controversy.

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There are several new Facebook and/or Zynga deletion threats making the rounds. Please visit the Have you received a post saying that Facebook and/or Zynga is going to delete you? Read on! thread to read up on the latest and for replies you can use to counter these threats.


a site called "the farmer's daughter"promotes and even says they use the fbi,homeland security and other 3rd party non-cheater sites and their info data base. the irs and others they use for safety reasons...yet no where do you see admins names,or support for the site..they use trademake game pictures and event links to facebook games.(that look offical). i seem to remember that gamers was told not to use trade mark picture displays. hummmm.what's with that.
anyway these people are pulling a big scam and i feel if they do have this infomation how everything about me legally ,financally,my police recort in this usa and passports,,,irs records and if i'm a risk to the usa through homeland security....who are these people how bogus...? they need to be reported to the fcc and facebook and zygna games...even to other games on facebook. i'm not too scared but i am mad...they have broken the rights of the consituation of the united staes of america. i want these peole stopped.. they have harrassed me using others on faceb0ook to do their dirty dare they say they are a safe 3rd party site and that they care about my safty...they are nazis.


One aspect of the Zynga TOS is that it references using 3rd-party software to modify its games, but the Snag Bar doesn't modify the actual game or its fair-play, SB is a 3rd-party software tool used to scan and organize FB feeds. Those feeds could have been snagging photos of puppy dogs and who-isnt-home-and-open-to-be-plundered, but GU doesn't roll that way...


Gamers Unite .. You should Unite in front of rumors .. scams .. lies .. pullying .. threats .. etc. You are NOT crossing off any laws .. Have Fun
Bassam Shweiki


Okay, I'm an old lady, and I'm in the 'say everything I think' mode, I went to Zynga forums and told everyone that I use the snag bar, and I didn't care who knew it because it helps me to be able to keep thins on my game moving. It seems really unfair that the infamous 'they' are so annoyed by the GU snag bar when Facebook has one of their own that non of the naysayers seem to mind. Kind of hypocritical of them if you ask me. But I have found that having both helps me to be able to catch things that I may have turned off in the preferences but still need even though I thought I wouldn't... AND both help me to be able to help my neighbors when they need it, since I don't sit on the feed 24/7. I always have ten things going and just don't have time to hug the feed and when your friends need something right away, it's great to be able to help them! I know if I treat my neighbors well, they tend to do unto others (meaning ME! *laughs*) in return. A very good reason to have a means of responding to requests quicker, yes?

SO... I say 'Hail!' GU! I will keep using the bar as long as you have it to use, and thank you for YOUR help!


If people want to unfriend me because I use the features from Gamer's Unite, then so be it. I can't force anyone to be my friend on Facebook. My leisure time is very limited and the Gamer's Unite app saves me tons of time.

I don't see anyone one complaining when I use 1-Click Gifts to accept all their requests that Zynga's in-game features miss. There were 20 requests through Zynga's in-game feature today. There were over 300 requests sitting in facebook's game link for Farmville alone.

Gamer's Unite app has certainly increased the amount of time I have to browse through Zynga's other games and shop in their market places. The only thing banning me (and others like me) would accomplish is to drop Zynga's profit margin...

As far as this mess with Zynga is concerned? I see it this way: I buy Farmcash. If they want to bite the hand that feeds them, I will be happy to quit sending them any money.

Alone, I am just one person, but there are many just like me that help keep zynga in business. It isn't only our buying farmcash or getting others to play their games who might buy farmcash. It's also their sponsors who we buy products from: Frito Lays, Disney, Gaga, etc.

We are the people who enable them to support charities across the globe. It would be a poor business decision on Zynga's part to allienate anyone playing the apps on Facebook. There are numerous other gaming providers willing to step into Zynga's slot.


I dont see this has a cheat!! I really dont!! How can it be!! It's just helping u out thats all!!!


I used to have another farm, on the original i had to remove Farmville due to "official" reasons (like my boss being on my friendlist, and me being too lazy to set privacy settings for everything). One of my neighbors (the belligerent snag-bar is cheating types) asked me whether i use it, I told her yes I do. Then I got the usual "I am un-friending you, I am going to report you, yadda yadda kinda threats". Then I asked her "When I am not judging whether you are using a food processor, or a washing machine, or for anything any small convenience which makes your life easy, what are judging me on how I am making my gaming life easy. If I get something from your posts, I like it or comment on it, what more human courtesy I am supposed to display?"
When I had to create a new account to play this time I decided to get neighbors from gamers unite, rather than overtly judgmental people who try my patience for whatsoever reason.


I use Gamers Unite web site all the time I have sent out request to everyone on my friends list to join Gamers Unite my sister uses it as well as every one that play zynga games on my friends list and neighbors. Thank you Gamers Unite for a wonderful site but please work on get the snag bar to work for Google Chrome users or if anything limit the number of its you can take with it per day. No offense to those that use it.


I would just say for those that use the snag bar and return gifts thank you. I use Gamers Unite on Google Chrome where the snag bar can not be used at all. I just find myself having to ask my friends to lock it to specific people if you want them to get it and prevent the snag bar from getting it. I do not detest it at all, but it is kinda cheating and then kinda not I will leave Zynga and Facebook to hash that one out them selves. Who knows maybe Zynga will make one them selves. If anyone from Gamers unite developing team reads this post please if you could make it so players on Google Chorme can use the snag bar. Oh I would also like to say those that do use the snag bar and do not return gifts or requests then shame on you.


I've deleted quite a few farmville neighbors who have "threatened" to delete me for being a member of gamers unite. My response to them was "Do what you must, but you sound like a small child theatening me with "I'm not going to be your friend because you're friends with so and so"...grow up!


I don't hold with bullying in any shape or form, if you cant say something nice dont say anything at all. I dont see the snag bar as cheating at all - the posts are on my wall for me to manually click, what difference does it make if I do it this way? I still send my neighbour gifts, visit their farms/frontiers/cities, and answer any requests for items, so if anything it makes me a BETTER neighbour, not a worse one, as I have more time to do that! Thanks for posting this article - before I came across it, I figured I was in the minority for the messages I have received!


I tell them they can kiss my ass if they dont like it....

BTW: I need neighbors with snag bar... I get more and better gifts from those that use it....


I would like to see them try


All I know is that the people I have added as friends and neighbors for farmville from this site are the best darned players and gifters.


Well said Chao Lam, I decided to install the GU/Snag as a way to expedite the manner in which I receive requests and gifts that have been sent to me or post on my wall feeds.

Well done, and keep up the good work.

Cheers :)


I've had only one person threaten to delete me for using GU snag bar. I politely responded to her message by saying "I respect your decision and you are entitled to your opinion, however I will continue to use the GU snag bar. I am not cheating, I receive the same rewards, bonuses, etc that you do! I gift 3 times a day to my neighbors and if you choose to unfriend me, that is your decision, but to do so is silly on your part, you will be losing a good neighbor, have a great day." She never responded to me and she did unfriend me, but she didn't bother to delete me from her neighbors, which IS CHEATING, because she can still collect bushels and such from me, so I took her off my neighbor list and blocked her!


If using the snag bar is cheating, so is fertilizer, bushels to increase mastery/XP, instant grow and the combine! My time is limited. Letting the snag bar run in the back ground while I work on my farm is just another helper like the above mententioned. Come to think of it, so is posting "add me" for people you do not personaly know. Come on, how many people can honestly shake hands with every single person on their neighbor bar? I rest my case!


Not sure I'm for this.


This is the response I have given in the past to threats of removing me as a friend if I don't stay away from gamers unite:

I don't cheat to get the things I want. I also like gamers unite because they give out really good information on their forums, like how to get FVs for free, and other stuff. I will not remove them because anyone else wants me too. No offense, but I am tired of people trying to bully me into doing it, telling me they will remove me as a friend if I don't. I like the site. In fact, I recently got 2 FVs because of information found there... I have had this same conversation with others, and most choose not to remove me. Your choice though!! :)

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