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Light-bulbNursery Barn makes Adult Animals?

by Johnny Imnot - Apr 22, 2010 Star_s3,008 views

Hmm, when the Nursery barn was first brought up, I thought its purpose was to "raise" the calf's/foal's to be Adult Animals. But so far after a week, I have not seen any adult animals. Nor have I seen any from my Neighbors in the feed.

If they do not produce Adults, then they are worthless.

The building that lets you put 20 animals in and harvest them daily.

Its 6x9 squares in size. (54) So if your putting Calfs in, your getting 20 calfs in the space where you can put 54 normaly. Calfs are normaly harvested daily so instead of getting 4320 coins (54x80) your getting 1600 coins.

For foals, you can fit 13.5 of them in the space where a nursery goes, and they are also harvested daily, so for them it makes sence to use a Nursery. Since your harvesting from 20 foals daily using the Nursery (1600 coins) instead of 13.5 foals daily (1400 coins).

But if they cant grow up, why would you want to use it. Replace it with 54 calfs and get almost 4x as much coins.

My 2 cents.

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12-em-plus add reply

Any foal or calf you value, DON'T put them in the nursery. You will lose a baby for each adult produced. The ONLY cows you will get from the nursery are the chocolate and Holstein. Foals are a little better. Your best bet there is to place clydesdale and cream draft (Cream Draft Horse), pony foals (black pony foal-Black Pony, other pony foals-Blue Pony) and the minis (Cream Mini). Other than those you will get a black appaloosa horse regardless of whether you use a Haflinger foal or a brown one.


The thing you dont realize when putting your foals in the nursery barn is that eventually they will grow up but not into a horse from the same type of foal. In other words I had a palous foal grow up into a black horse. When it grows up you then loose the foal so I lost a rare foal and gained a very common black horse???


YOU get an adult animal, but you SHARE a BABY.


the farmville is updateing alot and it takes months at a time for them to create new features the nursey was made to raise animals and it will be comeing soon but they have to get all the bugs worked out of it


i was under the assumption that all baby animals will grow into adults. is that not the case??


thought so to


I would think you would want to put ALL of your "rare" calves in first. That way you will get "rare" adult cattle which should bring higher revenue in milk. The brown and gray horses put the same amount of money out so they wouldn't matter. Yet, I have never seen what a paint, or a clidesdale colt pays or even if there is such a thing.


Thing is, does look awful pretty..... I know it's not very profitable, just looks neat. I guess you have to look a my farm to see my point.


I was wondering about that myself Johnny, I did read somewhere that you could raise calves and other baby animals to full grown ones but have yet to see that. Maybe it's coming? We all know how it takes some time for Zynga to release stuff i.e. puppies.

And yes, the Farm Hands are much more useful right now than the nursery stable.


I already harvest with 1 click... "Farm Hands" ;)


but you can harvest them in 1 click plus with the loading problem this nursery is like heaven.. :)) for me..♥

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