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Light-bulbBlog post entitled: Zynga & Gamers Unite not United check it out!

by Thomas Applegate - Jul 16, 2010 Star_s282 views

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This poster wrote the blog.


Hmm.. apparently you didnt actually READ the article, which was submitted BY the writer to Zynga and from what I can tell, has never been responded to by them. If this app wasnt legal we would have either been asked to remove it, or they could easily write a code in thier software rendering it useless. Please LOOK at the tool yourself, and realize WHY they haven't banned it. These complaints are getting ridiculous.

Think of it as technology and evolving.. (it always is and does) and this is just another way to be competitve. Either sit on the sidelines and boohoo, or get over it and just try it at least you will have the odds you seem to think are so much better for the snag bar user.

I leveled up to 48 before ever using it, I turn off everything but eggs and the occasional help (beehive) all it does is grab the stuff your own neighbors post for you.. You cant take more than one, its not over the top or it WOULD have been removed by FB. I HAD no choice, because it was either let go of 40+ neighbors whom I have now made friendships with, or just check it out. I may be conservative in my use, but it has helpful items too and I have had it up to here with these rants.. people please, get over it. It is not going to be removed, so just evolve, and level out whatever you THINK is so unfair..


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