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Light-bulbTip: Wildlife coins

by Tamara Lynn Wischmeier - Mar 03, 2010 Star_s1,513 views

Save your wildlife coins and buy one of the trees that produces wildlife coins. Once you finish the levels you will have no more source of coins. So owning a tree that gives you wildlife coins will keep you going.

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12-em-plus add reply

ya i just saved up enough to buy one of them trees and thats when they took them away....i was very disappointed


There are no more of those trees to be bought.... they took them away...


i bought my treasure hunter then i got my first tree , the problem with wild life coins it is expensive to get items from the shop for example you can not get anything below 25 wlp and after the breeding rewards reduced it is very hard to to buy anything and looks like zoo is not accepting visa or paypal anymore only facebook credits , i do not see why they doing that


I'd first recommend a treasure hunter, then getting wildlife trees. The treasure hunter saves a TON of time!


Now breeding animals will give you wildlife coins.

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