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Light-bulbexpand the gift box to 100 or unlimited

by Àshbèãr Pòóhbëãr Clòüd - Apr 23, 2010 Star_s477 views

you should try to do something about the giftbox either gifts are disappearing are we cant recieve gitfs in there either that put a spot for certain thimngs like horse stable materials.etc...can you please here our plea to expand are unlimited our giftboxes

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12-em-plus add reply

ive had upwards of 700 gifts in my giftbox..


Also, make sure you know which snagged gifts go to your Giftbox, which ones go elsewhere on your farm, and which ones may never have been snagged in the first place.

Answers to "Where are my snagged items?" and other Snag Bar Questions


I'm sorry but I don't think anyone from this site can make that happen. I think you should bring it up in the Comments and Suggestion forums on Zynga's site. Though I am sure many others have voiced about this already. Also there seems to be something with the wall feed tonight for various games, I know Mafia Wars has a notice up saying posting feeds is currently disabled and I heard about some API coding from Facebook that was buggy and they're working on it at this time. In the mean time you will just have to wait it out like the rest of us.

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