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Light-bulbI can't find the Queen Bee anywhere but a have a lot of regular bees!!!!

by Liz Cook - Jul 18, 2010 Star_s954 views

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12-em-plus add reply

I have 2 spare queen bees in my gift box if anyone can tell me how I can pass then on to someone else I would be happy to.


how i get the queen bee?


I have 2 farms and I found both fertilizing neighboors crops. Right away


i got the same problem as Jami, everyone of my neighbours seems to have one but me!!!


I don't think you will be able to grab anything if you don't have spots. I would leave room for your snag bar to grab stuff. I think we will have plenty of time to get more bees. I, personally, have only 100 or so, but I am hoping that they will start coming in :)


same here. my gift box is full. got 200 bees just waiting, but i can't use them cause i got no queen bee. will a full gift box prevent you from grabbing a queen bee? can someone help me please.

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