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Question-whiteTuscan Wedding Event

by Sara Miner Harakas - Jul 19, 2010 Star_s84 views

Is there ever going to be a wedding with a bride and groom?  What happened with the pregnant pig?  I have so much wedding stuff and so many favors.   I have one of each of the items you can redeem.  I have close to 250 points.  Who needs more than one of each.  I have also been receiving these items by snag which I like, because I can sell them and add coins.  I need lots of coins to buy the exorbitantly expensive Grand Plantation.  I have so many things and no place to put them.  All storage has been expanded and is full.  No place to put another storage building.  What's a girl to do?  I hope someone can tell me if there will be a wedding and we can move on to something else.  I love the bees, but experiencing some problems with full hive and no place to put more bees.  I also love the gems, don't have any idea what this is about and what you get when you have the correct number.  Does anyone out there know?  I hope someone can answer my questions.  Thanks.

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