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Light-bulbFarm Town Averages and Top 100 List!

by Michael Moore - Jul 21, 2010 Star_s5,869 views

Hi all! Just found this site while checking my stats for the site, so thought it would be good to introduce the websiite properly.
The FT100 Averages and top scores list is much more than a spreadsheet of scores. It's an interactive website, packed with stats about hundreds of farms, including Profiles, Rankings and monthly averages, a huge Gift Links system currently with over 42,000 links, Friend and Neighbour request pages, help and howto section, independant Forum for members, On-site Messaging, and lots more! The website is constantly improving and new features are appearing regularly.
It is open to any farmer, there's no bottom line or pre-requisites, and the Averages section is split into groups by XP average and also by XP totals, so there is a place for everyone and always the opportunity to learn, excell and shine.
The HowTo section is growing daily with new information on methods, tricks, exploits and best practices, as well as an informative and entertaining Beginners section for brand new players.
To find the website is easy, just go to and browse the top menu for all the different information that's available!

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