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Question-whiteJuice for the heart collector and the heart feeder

by KiKi Griffin - Jul 21, 2010 Star_s1,183 views

Besides buying the juice for the collector & feeder, how else can you obtain juice.  is it in the feeds, when you visit ur zoo mates zoo?  please  help  thank you much

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12-em-plus add reply

I've noticed that if you have a little left in a box that over time it fills itself all the way back up as if you've never used it! I don't know how long it takes cause I always use the 2 day treats but it does fill itself back up...
what I wish tho is that we can buy juice with the money in the game, just not the kind it uses! I always have so much more of that money than the other....sigh...


Yes, your neighbor's feeds that show on your feed wall, or on theirs will give you anywhere from 10 to 20 juice uses. I have yet to find whole boxes worth anywhere in the feeds, but suspect there is a way, because they wouldn't normally make it so hard to find ones for free. I haven't seen any available going directly to a neighbor's zoo.

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