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Question-whiteLooking for cow bells

by Janet Schwartzenberger - Apr 25, 2010 Star_s748 views

Where do you find cow bells? I have 10 of every item in this collection but the cow bells. Am able to complete all the other collections but this one. Any ideas or answers?

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12-em-plus add reply

On some days cow bells are more rare than other rare items such as blue feather or copper butterfly. You receive cow bell from harvesting your cows, feed post of country ktisch (the yield rate for cow bell is very low), or feed post of cow bell. Speaking of getting cow bell from harvesting cows, I never got one from Dairy Farms (I've 4 of them), but only got a few after I let cows out of Dairy Farms.

@Kathy, you can read more in this thread to find out where to find collectibles.


Did you read my reply???????????????


where do you find any rare thing to the collection


i am new at this can you tell it what you want it to get like just for collections only or something and i need glove where can i get a collection and ask for thingss thank youuu


Goog guide, it seemed like a miracle for me, where the collectibles are coming from


here's a link to where you can all the collectibles.
It will also show that you need every color egg in your coop to produce some rare collectibles.


You find them when you harvest cows, gold eggs and from feeds.


I'm in the same position...!!!

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