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Question-whitedoes anyone know how to get to the zynga customer support live chat

by Kim Allen - Jul 22, 2010 Star_s1,545 views

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12-em-plus add reply

6 months now and I can't get on cafeworld


DONT BOTHER! i just read a post on here (from march 2011) from one person who was told by support that it is only available to those 'preferred players' who spend at least $100.00 per month! And they started out FREE! It has turned into a very expensive pay to play game! Pay to expand, buy this animal to put in this building, pay, pay, pay..... ridiculous! IT SHOULD NOT MATTER HOW MUCH ANY ONE PERSON SPENDS! Support should be available to ALL alike. People have many different problems such as their farm not loading, disappearing animals, disappearing FV dollars, disappearing coins, disappearing gifts, on and on....... Guess it is time to retire from the game play since my piddly $30.00 per month isn't enough for them!


Click on the game you need to speak to them about..its Under the "Support" Tab

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