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Light-bulbfastest way to make money in farmville.....?

by Ed Hirschel - Apr 26, 2010 Star_s941 views

in cafe world i have no issue making money. im level 74 and have over 70 mill in coin. in farmville i cant find that magic secret. im level 44 and only have 3.4 mill. any tricks or tips to make alot of money fast? i wanna do a full decoration makeover soon and know that ill need alot more than 3 mill. thanks in advance for the help.

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12-em-plus add reply

@Erik, I want you as my Farmville financial planner! :D


The thing to consider on the profit spreadsheet listed below is that while some items may seem more profitable than others they might actually be less so if you take into account the cost of fuel (if you are using a tractor/harvester, etc.) and the cost of your TIME. Harvesting 12 crops a day of super berries may not be as desirable as harvesting one crop of grapes.
Also, as you get points for mastering a particular crop there may be benefits to diversifying what you grow because the monetary reward and experience points will help offset some of the "losses" you incur for not growing a more "profitable" crop.


There are some topics that talk about this on our forum:

1) This thread that has the spreadsheet on all the Farmville crops:

2) Allen gives a good answer here too:

3) Download toolbar and collect bonus is probably a no brainer

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