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Question-whiteHi all, My snag bar has stopped snagging after updating Firefox

by Tim Ronnin Allen - Jul 23, 2010 Star_s352 views

My snag bar was working and it just stopped after the Firefox updated, to the most recent
available patch. I have done everything that has been suggested so far.
Also, when I press the SNAG botton, it does not operate as usual, meaning it does not open
a new window.
Anyone has had such an experience recently? What is the solution?


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12-em-plus add reply

I didn't update my firefox because it told me that the snag bar was incapable with the new updated version. I figure I'll wait a few days and try again to update, so you should probably try rolling back.


ff 4 definitely has some problems; try rolling ff back to a previous version:

orrr, try the great gu snag bar in ie.


mine has too, have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, am getting VERY frustrated


sometimes happen. mine once stopped for a few days and uninstaled the game bar and instaled again, nothing worked. but in a few days later started to wok just like that....just a matter of time to zinga update. Is borring i know but ..pacience.

Picture?type=square updated yesterday. I rebooted my system, IP address, and router. Like magic it worked. Good luck. Zynga is so slow today you might not miss anything

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