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Question-whitezoomates needed please

by Jennifer Tubbs - Jul 24, 2010 Star_s146 views

I would really like to have zoomates.  I'm stuck and even though I have 30 people that i'm friends with on this game I have asked tons of time to be added as their zoomates with no luck.  I need 20 zoomates to get a new island and I just can't get anyone to do it.  So please if you can or need a zoomate will you add me?  I'm great with sending gifts and helping out I'm not one of those people that just expects everyone else to do it.  So Please Help!!

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12-em-plus add reply

is looking to add more zoomates,i have a great crew of zoomates and looking to add more anyone interested in being my zoomate please let me know tyvm:)


feel free to send me a request & I'll get you added


go ahead and add me but i have one favor.. send me all that u can for the playground. i have three days left and have 13 items to go.. please and thanks and i will be ur zoomate


i will add u cause i need alot of zoomates to get a new island



Go there and you can have people add you... You can add me, but I'm blocked from asking for awhile. Asked too many too soon.


add me.....................

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