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Question-whiteMastery sign for limited edition seeds?

by Jeanette Jean Adair - Jul 25, 2010 Star_s172 views

Can u get a mastery sign for the limited edition seeds?

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12-em-plus add reply

I mastered the Lupines (flowers). Received a master sign. 10/6/10.,last day of challenge.
Challenge was gone today; So was my hard earned master sign! Grrrrr! How can I get it back?


Yes you can, you have to plant full field 4 times


Most of the time, no you can't. The LE Blueberries that are in the market right now can be mastered. I believe they are only in the market until the 27th or something like that. An easy way to tell if something is masterable, is to look at the seed in the market and if you notice 3 stars below the name of the seed that means it can be mastered. If you hover your cursor over the star that needs to be met next (meaning if you're just starting on something, move the cursor over the first star) it will tell you how many plots it will take to master that level. Once the first star is complete, you can move your cursor over the 2nd star and it will tell you the same thing...and so on.

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