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Light-bulbdoes anyone know how to post multiples of flowers and mystery gifts

by Robin Graham - Jul 25, 2010 Star_s540 views

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that's true... when someone posts an adoption twice in a short time, it's because they have multiple tabs open, but you can just adopt one.

whenever i have more than one tab open I don't post animals for adoption cause it just not working. it would fool my zoomates and i don't want that.


This only posts multiple. When anyone (at least in my experience) claims the multiples only the first one registers. Each of the duplicates tell you that you have allready claimed this gift/adopted this animal or whatever. So, Tiea, you are going through a lot of extra work for nothing.



The game re-sets around midnight, CA time.... So any time after then, go to your live feed.

Next, in the lower right hand corner is the blue links.. "feed baby", or "heal bird" or whatever. Make sure you have about 6 showing, mostly the ones that are adoptions, rather then feeding. OR open like 6 windows/tabs.

Next right click and click "OPEN IN NEW TAB" on each of the 6 adoptions. ONE RIGHT AFTER THE OTHER FAST! OR Go to each of your 6 windows and open the zoo application in each one, AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

What this does is it will register that you have now opened 6 of the game all at once. SOMETIMES you will get 6 treasure gifts (if you have the treasure hunter) , sometimes only 2-4 of them will show.

BUT... in all 6 windows, once you have adopted or whatever, look around the land your window is currently on. In each of the windows you will find a blue mystery gift. Go to each tab/window and click on the box. Then click "YES". Then, you will get 6 pop ups with the blue mystery gifts for you to post. Post them, one at a time.

I have asked a few times, and may have missed the answer, but from what I understand, each gift posted should work for those that want to snag them. But never found out yet.

But that is how you post multiple mystery gifts. Or how I do every night. That is also how I can post so many adoptions. Each time I open a tab for something, I tend to get an adoption notice coming up in each tab, as it thinks that only 1 new page is open, not 6 new tabs, so I get 6 new adoptions to post, so I just post them.

Hope this helps.

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