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Question-whiteCrafting recipes - goods?

by Steve Hatley - Jul 26, 2010 Star_s195 views

so what bushels and # of them make what???

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I think that depends on what crafting cottage you chose & what level you're on. I picked the Winery & am still on level 1 although I've completed & sold several barrels. I have three recipes open to me: Sake (5 rice bushels & 3 cranberry), Wine_Table (2 grapes & 5 white grapes), Another Wine (3 white grapes, 2 sugarcane & 3 strawberry). I also have a fruit wine that I can see but is locked until I level up. I tried tried growing rice, but I couldn't seem to build my rice bushels that way. I had to collect from what my neighbors had to offer. My Winery is still flat as a pancake, but hopefully will grow with more goods made.

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