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Light-bulbTo GamersUnite Players that got Abuse because of HAVING Snag Bar!

by Sabby Cee - Jul 26, 2010 Star_s148 views

To All gAmersUnite Players!
I do <3 Gamersunite because this is where I get my adds of friends
& keeping track of trades and post of Farmville items!
I dont have Snag bar & it didnt help me! plus gamersunite isnt
a bad evil website like other websites that hack into farmvilee
& find new things to post with is rly stupid & gay!
This is the best website that my friends reccomend
for me which I gotta thanked them! Maybe stupid Snag Bar
H8ters should keep out of this S***!!
If you freakin H8 gamersunite dont read!
I think those that got Abuse of not having
snag bar on gamersunite should not get
attack with horrible words! bElieve me
I dont have one!
Seriously GamersUnite share the unity us!
I mean look, ppl dont understand whats a snag bar
but still they cant just judge this site! I mean it!
(: -Sabrinah!

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12-em-plus add reply

I had people remove me as a neighbor because I posted on GU. I didn't have the snag bar, but they had some link that "showed people using the Gamers Unite snag bar." Basically it just showed the friends that had joined the site just to post, etc.

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