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Light-bulbSt. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Present

by Bebe Lee - Mar 05, 2010 Star_s16,338 views

FarmVille is flooded with gift exchange again. This time everyone receives a Pot of Gold in celebration of St Patrick's Day .

It works very similar to Valentine Gift Exchange, once you place your Pot of Gold on your farm you can fill it with Gifts of Gold you receive from your FarmVille friends. You may also purchase the Golden Chunk from Market for 5 farm cash apiece. Each Gold Chunk is worth 5 gold pieces.

There are five types of free Giftable Gold that can be sent by your friends: Gold Nugget, Gold Coin, Gold Bar, Gold Bear, and Gold Chain.

You can ask your friends to send you Gold by clicking Ask for Gold. Friends who respond will also receive a small bonus (choices for bonus are Small Can of Fuel, Mystery Gift, 20 FREE XP, 1000 Free Coins, and Green Fence). However, each person only

The redeemable St. Patty’s Day Gift prizes are:
10 pieces of gold: Shamrock Sheep Redeem
20 pieces of gold = Flower Cart Redeem
30 pieces of gold = Leprechaun Gnome Redeem
100 pieces of gold = Coming Soon ?????

To fill your pot quickly, you need actively ask your friends for Gold and gift Gold to your friends. If you don't have enough friends, you can post your giftable link here and also send gold to other posters, maybe we can help out each other in this way. The giftable link should have your friend ID as receiverId.

[Update] The last three redeemable prizes turn out to be:
50 pieces of gold = Spring Pond
75 pieces of gold = Lucky Fountain
100 pieces of gold = Shamrock Castle

Update Mar 16: Looks like there's a Farmville/Zynga bug in these gift exchange links. Lots of users are finding out they receive gift requests but the gifts don't appear in the gift box.

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LOL @Alan, yeah, we should disable comments for this at least :P



Bebe, nextsmallthings, or another Mod.......... can we just delete this thread now? Or, better yet, charge everyone $1 to leave their "Give me gold" requests? I wonder how long it would take people then to figure out that the Gold gifting has ended.

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