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Light-bulbI am so tired of all the griping and moaning going on....

by Joan Marie Hyde - Jul 28, 2010 Star_s254 views

I play farmville because for some reason I really enjoy it.I have been playing for a year now!We used to have a great time sharing and talking and laughing and yes getting upset if the game wasn't working right.Now I really dread to read the post because someone is complaining about something.
 Just think of how many millions of people are playing this game.Thats a lot of people to take care of and Zynga is trying to make our experience better.They don't screw you on purpose.We have all this crap about G.U. and that has split all the players not knowing who's wrong or who's right. As for the jewel prize..I kinda like it!What do you want them to give you?Why not write them and send suggestions.Oh and if you spend your money on something and you didn't know what you were gonna get well I'd say thats your bad!!!
 Finally I want to thank Zynga for letting me have something that I enjoy to do.Last but not least,,Thank you Gamers Unite for all your help!Got a lot of great people on here that are willing to help even the most computer illiterate people make their gaming better.
                                                                                              Thank you!
    p.s.. please stop complaining and just enjoy the game!

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12-em-plus add reply

In your stall you can click on use - bushels - then share. You choose how many you want to sahre and that will clean out your stall to make room for the bushels you need for crafting. Hope this helps.


Since I have started my spa the only things I keep in my market is what is in the recipe and what I'm wanting extra xp for..If you snag the bushels you will always be cleaning it out.So I try to catch them myself but sometimes thats hard to do!


Go to the Farm Market and click on use: click bushels then click on sell. 50 is the limit you can have in your stall. Clean out the ones you don't want. Keep the number down to 40 to allow your new crops to be added. Hope it helps.


Great for you but how do you get rid of the bushel inventory? I was able to do that until I got the bakery. Sheer hell since then since I can't buy from others because of "your inventory is full" without any way to share the excess bushels.

Any fresh ideas?


Great post Joan Marie.....I totally agree will eveything you wrote.....we are supposed to be having fun here even if sometimes things go wrong......that's LIFE!!!
My opinion is that if they don't like the game......DELETE IT!!! If you like the game.....SHUT UP and have fun!!!
Cheers from Moncton New Brunswick Canada...:)

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